This is the seventh year of my writing poems.  I’m committed to posting a minimum of one a week in 2021.  I’m experimenting, playing really.  You won’t like all the poems but if just one of them fills you for a moment, rings a bell, awakens a dragon, or just gives you an ah-ha moment, I will be content.  I think of them as small animals I have captured for a few moments in my hand.

Previously I have published books of memoir, Common Table, Common Ground, Common Lives, Changing Lives, novels, and children’s books,  It’s now time  to scale back, to minimise.

My life is always a discontinuous narrative.Time to write is unpredictable and starts with a clearing of clutter off the dining room table.This is in no way meant to excuse the quality of the poems.  They are the best I can do.   I do spent a great deal of time reading or listening to other people’s poems.

If you like these, please tell other people about them.  Poetry is a gift and should be given freely.

For more information about me please visit my website www.janicemarriott.com

For information about the online writing courses I have created and tutor please visit http://www.gowritenow.nz

For my occasional  blogging with Virginia Pawsey about the different ways  people in town and country see the world please visit  www.commongardener.wordpress.com She is the farmer. I am the city dweller.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your philosophy, Janice – and your poems. Perhaps I shall start a blog about ‘A year with Janice Marriott -writing poetry’. Looking forward to it. Amanda.

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