This is the sixth year of my writing poems.  I’m committed to posting a minimum of one a week in 2018.  Not all of the poems will be about families.  Some will be serious, others lighthearted. Some will rhyme, others won’t.  I’m experimenting, playing really.  You won’t like all the poems but if just one of them fills you for a moment, rings a bell, awakens a dragon, or just gives you an ah-ha moment, I will be content.  I think of them as small animals I have captured for a few moments in my hand.

After having previously published autobiographical life style books, Common Table, Common Ground, Common Lives, Changing Lives, novels, and children’s books,  I moved to Auckland to help look after they grandson, leaving a job as an audio producer.  My latest book, Grandparents Talk, is a series of interviews with extraordinary grandparents.

From now on I am emerging from under the Hairy Maclary duvet and starting to write about other topics.   Tane is now 6 and life is still a discontinuous narrative.Time to write is unpredictable and starts with a clearing of clutter off the dining room table.This is in no way meant to excuse the quality of the poems.  They are the best I can do.   I do spent a great deal of time reading or listening to other people’s poems.

If you like them, please tell other people about them.  Poetry is a gift and should be given freely.

For more information about me please visit my website www.janicemarriott.com

For information about the online writing courses I have created and tutor please visit http://www.gowritenow.nz

For my occasional  blogging about gardens and gardening with Virginia Pawsey please visit  www.commongardener.wordpress.com



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  1. I love your philosophy, Janice – and your poems. Perhaps I shall start a blog about ‘A year with Janice Marriott -writing poetry’. Looking forward to it. Amanda.

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