Neighbourly Relations

Once upon a time, naked and abandoned Mars, –
left out in the sun and the blackest night,
Her blanket ripped from its ridged backbone –

complained about her neighbour whose churning parties,
frequent change of dress, teasing clouds,
and palette of all the blues taunted her.

The next moment all the lights next door went out.
Mars settled to sleep on the solar system’s sloping breast,
Grateful the universe had evicted the party goers at last.


7 thoughts on “Neighbourly Relations

  1. This landed just now. It’s very wonderfully clever. I’m going to send it on to friends. Now off on the bicycle to feed the hens. It’s cold this morning so need to wear a jacket oh summer where art thou?????????Virginia Sent from my Galaxy

  2. I do have more in the climate change category but I must show a variety of poetry styles and topics as well, otherwise everyone wil become bored. Also – the world is so varied and diverse. I can be so sad sometimes when I think of the future and then, almost at the same time, I can see an interaction That thrills me with its beauty.

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