Lost in Transmission

Although often obscured by other, larger, circling bodies 

And usually hidden  in the glare of its mother sun,

We occasionally glimpsed that singular blue green rock.


We saw how, after a chaotic launch party, and being knocked about,

This rock cleaned and preened itself, made a breathable atmosphere,

Made oceans, cells, plants, and learnt to hide its carbon waste. 


We wanted to award this planet the Universe Achievement Prize,

For its knowledge, resilience, .compassion, persistence

In the face of its imminent  annihilation .


Our tiny courier had plotted his ages-long course with care

But he hadn’t known the jealousy of the gas guard planets 

Whose outer orbits he’d have to cross.


They showed no sympathy for his loving mission, 

His gorgeous crafted finery, or even his song.

He was sucked into one of them and crushed, we think.


We withdrew our interest from the unreachable rock

And left it unaware that we were there

And had admired what it had wrought in vain.



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