The eye surgeon eats an avocado

[I’m undergoing my fourth corneal transplant tomorrow so here’s a humorous poem to lighten the atmosphere…]


On his lunch break he slices an avocado in two.
Holding the half that cradles the round brown stone.
He enjoys the way the firm green flesh
Curls into the bowl of his silver spoon.
He guides the spoon around the brown stone
Which is soon  balanced on the tiniest green plinth.
With tongs he then extracts the stone.
He enjoys swallowing the last  green spoonful.
Now it is time for two surgeries:
One full thickness transplantation of cornea,
One extracapsular extraction of crystalline lens
And insertion of artificial one. Easy!

Later, he will enjoy going home , re-reading Freud
And feeding his child an egg, soft boiled.


5 thoughts on “The eye surgeon eats an avocado

  1. Great images there. Just off to the movies with Paul. I want to wish you well and hope for 10 percent success this time. I can do a column while you’re  out of action. Got to rush as I’m late Virginia PS I don’t suppose you are having avocados for tea!!!

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