Losing things becomes more dangerous the older we get
Because others assume our decline into oblivion
Starts now,
So we search alone.

Searching is frightening because it is  time-travel, backwards,
Remembering  what we were thinking and who we were
Back then
When we lost the thing.

We lose things because we have things to lose.
Our temper, rings, hair, family keepsakes,
High hopes
And our dignity.

Sometimes we find something we weren’t looking for –
Coins in a pocket,  faith, love,
Our minds,
An old friend in need.

Today I will pre-empt loss by discarding everything,
Then I will stand on the lawn and watch  dandelions
Let go
All their sky-bound  seeds.



5 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Like the idea about time travel backwards – if only! And it is indeed frightening to think how much we have to lose.

    1. Better to have things to lose than having nothing at all to lose? Maybe? The very best thing to lose, if you are 6 years old, is your first baby tooth.

      On 25 June 2017 at 17:42, Janice Marriott's Year in Poetry wrote:


  2. Another beautifully expressed piece – thank you Janice. I like how you’ve gone to both ends of the spectrum, (with redemption/upliftment at the end 🙂
    I hope you write more on this stage of life … I’m finding the most challenging thing is discovering little aspects of decline in hindsight – being cheated out of savouring what turns out to have been the last lovely experience of whatever simple little everyday thing it was. Suddenly it is not everyday. It has been relegated to my increasingly crammed memory bank …

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