Anzac Bugle

With two rising fifths the bugler
Breathes life into the Last Post
And we, eyes down, toes clawed
In best shoes, in the cold dawn,
Remember what we never knew:
A struggle for breath, maybe the last breath.

Afterwards, we wait for the car to warm up
And clear the windscreen tears.
We stare at the tiny bugle icon
On our steering wheel. “Hey…Why…?”
‘Didn’t you know,” the youngest groans.
It stands for ‘horn.”
We must remember something new.



One thought on “Anzac Bugle

  1. What a deep, philosophical, moving poem, Janice … I hope it provokes much discussion and reflection. Thank you for writing this – I look forward to sharing it with others … Charles, and his brother Alan are going to love it, for starters …

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