Sometimes I feel as battered as the moon
And as cold, as alone, and as old.
Always in orbit, turning, yearning
My face towards yours,
You the Earth, core of my gravity.

Sometimes I am Saturn
And you run rings round me.
Sometimes you are angry red Mars
And I take so long to reach you
And stumble when I get there.

Mostly you are the sun
And when we build towers or hunt tigers
For hours and hours, or roll gingerbread,
I warm my cold, old, battered self
In your burning, burning brightness.

Please, when it’s bedtime, don’t howl at me.
I am doing my best, pretending to be
A Sea of Tranquillity.
Goodnight, sleep tight, my little star.
How I wonder what you are to be.
sleeping rough

4 thoughts on “Eclipsed

  1. Beaut! I float away with this one … I’ve not had notifications when you’ve posted – so have missed all these treasures; will look into it. Thanx 4 ‘liking’ my post since, apart from being a Warm Hearted Friend who I get to thank via the lyric, the WordPress notification link took me happily back to your poems again.

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