All Fall Down

I heard it on the radio news

Which I turned on in heavy rain,

On the highway. in a passing lane.


“Like rain,”  the man on the radio yelled.

“Bodies rained down.

Four females in my garden.”


The weatherman then said, “Rain.”

Of course. Dirge deluge. Earth must cry

When bodies rain down from a plane,


And, long ago, from skyscrapers, to be caught

Not in nets, but by cameras,

So we can see them, over and over again.


Earth must cry for this falling,

For those who lie unburied, smashed

In a cornfield in summer.


Earth must cry for that falling,

For those who fell from a building in fall,

Never reaching the end of the falling.


Who made such pain? Human beings.

That’s all we need know, that

We alone are capable.


“Heavy falls expected,”  the weatherman said.

“Tomorrow easing to showers

Then clearing.”




5 thoughts on “All Fall Down

  1. That’s a grim one! Didn’t expect it from the title. A note of hope at the end though, but what can we do to make the world clear? Do our little efforts add up?

  2. Does the title allude to Ring-a-ring-a-rosies … have we become immune to the tragedy and evil that continues to ‘fall down’ around us … is it like a child’s game to us? How long do we pretend that ‘it couldn’t possibly happen to us …”. And what can we do about it? Or do we just need to be aware, and pray for a better world … pray for the victims and the people left behind in the wake.

  3. No Amanda, not immune. No one writes a poem about something abut which they are immune. This particular 9/11 seemed to go past unnoticed. It is as though people regard evil events rather like storms, they come and go. That is what is disturbing about it.

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