Good riddance

This morning I gathered all my waste thoughts,

My softening, seeping fears,

My worries that had begun to swell and smell.


I climbed the path to the compost bin

In the shade, by the shed.

I lifted the lid and chucked them all in.


Later I’ll stir the gooey grievance with sticks

And water it, blackening and slippery.

Then add lime, to warm and sweeten.


In early spring wearing cassock and clogs.

I’ll dig my hands into the chuckling cake,

Heft it all easily into a barrow,


And sprinkle it, a sacrament – bless you, girl –

Over still clinging, mossy gloom. With luck

Poems, fragile and fierce as petals, will unfurl.



flowers emerge


2 thoughts on “Good riddance

  1. Janice, I think this is a lovely poem.

    Here I am back in my RNZ saddle after a whirlwind trip to Wgtn. I managed to escape the quagmire of arising concerns and worries re. the house situation for a day but now I’m faced with them again…..I s’ppose I could just let them go!?

    Looking forward to having a talk with you soo……….Sh

  2. Such multi-good therapy! I really love the sound effects in the first stanza. And the gooey grievances – I wish I could do this too!

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