Seek and ye shall hide


Like the one ring to bind them all,

Tane, my precious, hides to be found.

Over and over again.

Eyes shut tight, smile open wide.


(Once.I asked what he was hiding from

When he hid as Fireman Sam

Over and over again.

He said, ‘the alarm.’)


When found he likes to say

“Let’s hide again” and he hides again

Over and over again

In the same place.


Is my search for him as purposeful

As his hiding from me

Over and over again?

Should I look somewhere else?


Do I search for him in the same place

Over and over again

Over and over again

Because I’ve forgotten where he was?


Have I forgotten where I’ve hidden myself?

Am I looking, over and over again,

Over and over again

For myself in the same place?


Am I Bo Peep?  Who and where are my sheep?

Will they come home eventually,

And over and over again,

bringing their tales behind them?


hide seek


One thought on “Seek and ye shall hide

  1. I look forward to this sophistication of hiding! Aria just steps behind the nearest bit of concealment, and we have to pretend loudly!

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