Are you there?

The toddler in the garden raises a plump clenched fist to his ear

and thinks he talks to his mother far away in an office somewhere.

‘Look!’ he says and  tells a tale of a fire engine and an emergency

To a woman who is right then giving a sales presentation

To clients who are staring, unseeing, at her Powerpoint

But imagining their forthcoming or just past family holiday –

At the sea’s edge, arms around each other,

Or on a rented bach lawn with a drink in hand.


“Look, Mummy,” he says, but she can’t see the fire engine’s ladder

Reaching to the moon to rescue the helium balloon

He’d lost forever a few minutes before.


She can’t see the tears or the mounting excitement

Now in the story telling. She’ll never know.

No PowerPoint pitch is ever this ennobling.




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