I open the door and they are there

Leaning into each others side,

Burnished, with smiles hip wide,

Soft as ripe pears.


I say, “come in. Come in.”

I give them tea and cakes – mine yours.

I want to peel their warm brown skins

To feel their white wet cores.


We dunk little cakes into our drinks,

Tilt into each others hair.

We giggle and gossip – he she me we.

Golden pyramid of pear.


Goodbye they say and off they go,

Leaning softly curve to curve,

Poised between right and not,

Between ripe and rot. Friends.




One thought on “Visitors

  1. I really love this one Janice, the flirtation with rhymes that is informal and irregular. Smiles hip-wide…nice

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