Some things just happen

Gardens are never to do with pacing out the beds, seeding carrots into rows
Or mimicking a natural border with the throw of the garden hose.

Gardens are for wandering, watching, waiting and wishing.
And often overflowing, like a birdbath after rain, with wonder.

Who could have put that pansy in the crack in the paving stone?
Beside the matching sweet pea? You know it wasn’t you.

Who told the Monarch butterfly in the sunflower to hold
It’s pose among the oranges, yellows and the dark, dark gold?

You aren’t the indispensable gardener of this place.
Lose control.  Let go.  Be brave. Embrace.




2 thoughts on “Some things just happen

  1. So true Janice…..I was just talking to my violin teacher David last night about being brave. I commended him on his performances at the party (which we didn’t hear and I wished we did now) and in particular his choice to tack a Paganini caprice onto his special Happy Birthday rendition. The caprice is very hard and there were a lot of musicians in the crowd…you know, young and confidant and self-assertive (like Miranda who I haven’t told you all about) who no doubt look upon David as old and past it (and actually a bit of a joke, whi8ch he’d be aware of because he’s not a fool). Anyway, he was brave. And I told him I felt I was not, and despite that choice to have an easier life the consequence was a certain limited life.

    Anyway ….. hope your day to yourself is as productive as you need it to be Janice.

    1. No terribly productive of vacuuming andf desk clearing. In fact I have been mooning around in the garden and sitting at the courtyard table sipping coffee. You are sounding reflective and regretful? I think honing a skill and being creative is a difficult burden that we who are of this type all struggle with. It is easier to be the non-creative type but none of us would change our lot would we? And we can’t find loving support within our own creative communities either, which is so interesting, because creatives are competitive and the world of slef-expression and art is consta ntly renewing itself and discarding the old on its shores. This is something we should talk about one day soon. It’s very interesting. What are you doing today???

      On 3 February 2014 10:20, Janice Marriott's Year in Poetry

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