Piha Beach

The wind is strong at Piha and the sand stings my face
As we tiptoe and squeal, crossing two streams, cold,
Walking to the rock tumble at the end of the beach,
5 friends in a line, shoes in hands, jeans rolled,
Because we can.

Kids with boogie boards, like Viking warriors with shields,
Stride over dunes, legs wide, wallowing in the soft.
Then they run. How they run! Slapping hard wet sand,
Hurling their warm pink bodies on their boards in the surf
Because they can.

Behind them stretch the  dragon hills whose starving flanks
Are steep gullies of  greens, blues, hints of ember red.
In front of them the grey Tasman seethes with angry possibility.
Ah! How I long… but no. I zip my jacket closer to my neck
Because I can.

One thought on “Piha Beach

  1. I do like this one Janice, and once I opened up the photos your WordPress site opened up too so I saw links to other poems I hadn’t received before (you don’t really want to hear that do you) like Eclipsed….especially got the feeling of the image of that one….

    Anyway, thanks for last night, hope you went to bed fairly promptly. I realise that I came away without giving you any reassurance re. the confidentiality thing….and of course it’s “Of course”. I do understand entirely Janice.

    Hope the session with the bloke was a success one way or another …..

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