Christmas holiday

The house has withdrawn into its quiet self.
I sit here with my neglected hoard
Of books.  The rooms all shine. How they shine!
I hear the cat’s paws on the wooden boards.

What else is there to do but shine?
Rugs flat as a lazy estuary.
Rooms and time mine, all mine.
Toys hidden away, stacked tidily.

Tane’s room a static work of art,
Just boxes within a box, trains, cars, bears.
Pants kneeling, waist to knee, shirts praying reverently,
Matching socks asleep, in pairs.

No block-fall of Lego down the steps. No yells.
No tumble of towers. No magic powers, or spells.
The lined -up boots as still as alphabet L’s.
Chalk train tracks washed away by showers.

Now the cat’s sleeping, limply coiled
Like the hibernating garden hose.
The books are shining, mine, all mine.
Withdraw. Retreat. Just doze.


One thought on “Christmas holiday

  1. …matching socks asleep, in pairs … I like that so much Janice.

    Wow, I didn’t get up until 1pm yesterday, slightly headachey and in love with my cat stretched along my leg all morning. I read and dozed and wondered how you both fared.

    The NHS film was very good but pretty heavy going …. think I went to sleep again. Another nice day.

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