Sometimes I feel as battered as the moon

And as cold, as alone, and as old.


But when we are building towers out of blocks,

Hunting tigers under the bed or rolling gingerbread,

I warm my fingers in your twinkling energy.


Please, when it’s bedtime, don’t moan, don’t scold,

Or be a solar wind across my Sea of Tranquility.


Goodnight, my little star.

How I wonder what you are.



3 thoughts on “Eclipsed

  1. Nice and sparse Janice, but full of emotion. I was thinking of you yesterday, maybe planting your rose. What a splendid day for it, I spent most of it indoors…washing many loads of bedding due to a full mug of tea tipping into my bed, and them watching Paul perform a much needed and extensive operation on my bike. I was a sort of theatre nurse.
    I’m so glad we managed to catch up on the Saturday, that was so serendipitous and it made me excited to dash around the corner to meet up!

    All the best for tonight….shx

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