Thank you, Nurse

Unexpectedly admitted to hospital

I have no time to explain the change of plans

To my house, so it suffers abandonment.


Socks curled on the bedroom carpet stiffen into eagle’s claws.

In the kitchen pottles of deliciousness become jars of infected jelly.

Ants feed along windowsills on trapped flies that fall.


Unread mail mounds on the dining table, and no one dines.

The folds of my white dressing gown hanging behind the door

Become yellow like the edges of ancient paper.


Digits do change on electronic clocks, so time does pass

But it passes unused, a waste, like the fridge

Occasionally and pointlessly humming.


I long to return home but when at last I do

The house seems too needy and I fear it.

I lie in bed trying to look forward to dawn


But I long for the 24 hour sedation,

The effortlessness, like a balloon in the sky,

The flutter of a nurse’s hand in the night

When she is silently there beside my head,

Shaking the precious bottle of medication. 


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