Wanted, Dead or Alive

Trees and shadows wave at us.
Stones lie curled up, warm in the sun.
The sprinkler chases us across the lawn.
Paddling pool water winks and smiles.

We don’t pull the cat’s tail. We do pull
The blind’s cord so the sun can come in and play.

When reaching out for pea pods, if I squish
A monarch butterfly chrysalis instead,
I feel I have done wrong. And when
Expecting a smooth warm eggplant body
I touch sticky aphids or bird shit, I shudder.

Death in the garden can forewarn me
But what is alive and what dead, and do I know?

Tane seeks out the squishable: worms that ooze,
Gelid snails that writhe slowly, becoming Play doh.

After squishing a slug Tane stretches up, up.
His hands open and shut like a digger.
But he’s still not quite tall enough to squish the sky.

I want to tuck that sky around him,
To protect him, a blue cocoon, when he sleeps,
And from which he can emerge, with wings.
But I too cannot reach the sky, yet.
*garden T


6 thoughts on “Wanted, Dead or Alive

  1. Just returned Eli: this weeks saying…….while in the shower with Sam and then Maria. “Daddy’s penis. Eli’s penis. Mummy’s penis…..GONE!

    Don’t you love 2 year olds!! lv Alison

  2. AT last I’ve been sent another poem .. it’s good Janice, I really like your words pictures. Hope class went swimmingly last night…sh

  3. I love the way he’s such a strong squisher! I wish Jamie would do that, but he just says “Put it back!” I think you’re getting skyward!

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