Good Morning Mr Donne

Is today going to greet you as a big round day
Full of balloons, buns, cushions and confidence?
Or is it going to screw you up tight as a wet dishcloth?

Clingfilm that was wrapping meat in the fridge?
A crumpled envelope that contained a hefty bill?
Or will it just screw you, full stop?

Do you stagger on soft toy legs
Into the bathroom and not be able to find
The toothpaste or your comb?

Or do you glide into the dining room,
Putting on a halo of sunshine
Handed to you through the window
By your good neighbour the early-riser sun?

Maybe you just lie there, listening to news
Of rapes, insurgencies, tornadoes, and Lotto wins,
Not knowing which sort of day it will be,

Powerless to choose, wanting to put off
The discovery for as long as possible.

Breathe deeply some more. Let the blanket disguise
Where your body ends and the world begins.


2 thoughts on “Good Morning Mr Donne

  1. Busie old fool indeed! The sun here is rather cautious about coming in too early, but it does at the moment in Wgtn tend to be balloony rather than dishclothy!

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